Angel Oak Cage

To all my wonderful clients, family, and friends, 

Thank you so much for allowing me to fulfill a dream of mine. It’s been a gift to witness the beautiful events and experience all the love shared at Angel Oak Café over the last three years. I am honored by the confidence of my clients, who had entrusted me with planning their special family celebrations. I have loved every event and met many wonderful people who will always be in my heart. My family and friends were my rock and the support I needed to reach out and grab my dream. I love and thank them all. 

As of  early August, Angel Oak Café has a new owner, Rana Tierney with Tierney Lane Events. 

I will continue to be available for in-house catering, so for anyone who may be interested, please contact me at 

For event inquiries, please reach out to Rana directly at 

It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but I have every confidence in Rana and the inherent beauty of the café, and I look forward to seeing it live on for many years to come! 

Mirinda Hill